The Refugees

The boy couldn’t have been any more than ten years old…


At first I almost went right by him as he blended in so well with his surroundings. Not like he was trying to hide, mind you. You could see this kid was in bad shape all right.

Hey Johnson, give that kid a chocolate bar or something.


Yeah, right sarge. Tell you what, this boy’s going to need more than chocolate, look at how skinny he is, and dirty. Filthy really.

Man what’s that smell?

It’s him sarge. No sh… kidding, it’s the kid.

Well let’s get him out of that mess, get him cleaned up, some warm chow, then get the Doc can take a look at him.

Yeah right sarge.

Where’s his family?surviv5

Good question. Hey kid, kid, where are your parents, you know, your momma, your papa? Kid?

C’mon Johnson, it’s obvious the kid doesn’t speak English.

Sarge, hey sarge. Will you look at this.

Looks like there are a few more where he came from.


Yeah, right sarge. I think just one more sarge.

Maybe just this one more.


~ by Vinnie on March 18, 2015.

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