More Beasties: Dastardly Deeds

The carriage arrived at the gate of the Newsome house, just before midnight…


Adeline and Cousin Winston were still up and about anxiously awaiting their arrival. Not even the relatively short distance of twenty five miles, no longer than a day’s journey, could be counted as commonplace, not so long as the Beasties still abound.

Oh dear, oh dear, so much to think about, so much to worry for in this day of days.

The contemplation of evil always at the forefront of ones temporal lobes. Who would have thought that not a years time should go by and the world as we know it should have changed so much. image

Gone, gone, gone are those carefree days of taking tea at ladies functions, evening meals with family and friends, then casual strolls in the gardens with my beau at my side. Sigh! Well, no more time to daly, there are guests to make welcome, to keep safe and enjoy.

But what is this? Lawrence, what is the commotion? It’s the Beasties, M’Lady, they are attacking the carriage! Shreek! Back you dastardly knave, back I say.


Why, you have no more authority in this house than a wild boar’s ancestoral sisters. Back I say! Ugh! Sploosh! Salesia, Salesia. Back away my dear, Cousin Theopold will do away with this scoundrel.

Meanwhile, out by the carriage, Lorreta Beufold has her way with a staggering crawler…image

~ by Vinnie on March 15, 2015.

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