Return Of The Beasties 

The carriage rode off through the gates…


No, the young lady certainly could and would take care of herself, it was the others that concerned me. Not that I was alone in my travails that night for Jesebel Weeks was present as well as cousin Bertram, so the feeling was mutual between us allimage.

But watch out, we are not alone.

Well, finding myself alone as it were, and one of the unliving making it’s way towards me, I decided to make quick work of this poor fellow.image

Swoosh, Swoosh! Quick work indeed! No sooner had the dead one presented his visage to me had I then laid his odiferous soul to rest – again.  I must say, it’s quite a chore relinquishing these poor devils to the great beyond by yourself rather than in groups of two or three. Exhilarating yes, but also quite exasperating as well.

At this point I decided to push my luck no further, as I looked about me in the dead of night, oh, how witty of me. Yes well, in the dead of night, there were still more dead in the streets and some peering out of windows of those rendered recently dead no doubt.


Once it was determined by me that no further progress would be made this evening, I decided to repair to my own home and the comfort afforded me by it. And so I rested in bed alone this night, alone but alive, for this night, yes at least for this night.

~ by Vinnie on March 1, 2015.

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