School Days

Sometimes life can just get on top of you, you know what I mean?…

The others around you are coming and going, going and coming. Your family and friends seem to just go about their business whether it’s casually moving about or running full steam ahead.  Well, no matter. Life is what it is. The thing I’m trying to figure out is-what is it?  You know what I mean? life puzzle

Well, no matter. Let me tell you about the time I was growing up and I had my first big revelation about life, now I’m talking big here.

I was going off to school and mom being mom, had to give me this big smooch right on the top of my head. That in and of itself wasn’t so bad, honestly, I liked Momma smooching me, but not in front of my friends, come on now!

Well, anyway. Mom gives me this big kiss, sends me off to school with Sadie and Tom-Tom, my dearest brother and sister, and as soon as I got there, I realized that I forgot my lunch. Bad, bad, bad. Now I would have to walk home by myself,which was never a good idea, not when that bully Leo was out and about and I hadn’t seen him at school yet so, he was probably playing hookey.  Well,oh, just well.

So, I get half way home and what happens? You guessed it, there came Leo walking right along the open plains. Leo comes up to me, my little legs are really shaking now. I mean, I’m just a little guy and kind of small for my age anyway.

So Leo says,”Hey kid, Give me all your money and your lunch, I’m hungry”.

Bullyposter2Well, I said, Mr. Leo, I don’t have any money, I’m too young to have money and about the lunch, well, that’s why I’m not in school right now I’m heading home to get my lunch because I forgot it, Mr. Leo.

“Don’t give me that garbage”, Leo said,” just hand it over.” Oh, really Mr. Leo, I’m telling you the truth.

Well, needless to say, Mr. Leo, whether he believed me or not,made a start for my tender little nose when; Tom-Tom!

It was Tom-Tom, my big brother suddenly appeared, raised up on his hind legs and went about stomping on that bully Leo who, let me tell you, took off in a big time hurry.

Tom-Tom, you saved me from an early death.big brother

“Ah kid, it was nothing, you would do the same for me, wouldn’t you?  So,go ahead, grab your lunch so we can make it back to school in time for recess. There’s this cute new gal I want to do some talking to.”

Well, that’s the day that I had my first big revelation in life.

Blood is thicker than water, there are no friends like family and…

Well, never, ever forget your lunch!

school lunchbag

~ by Vinnie on February 25, 2015.

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