Belvedere Johnson – Why – The Idea


Belvedere Johnson was always full of ideas. He had come up with the original “Sand Skimmer”, an instantaneous success in the under water sports world. It was only about six inches long and it was propelled by natural currents that you could then ride along the bottom of the sea floor. Easy to steer, virtually no upkeep and other than the original purchase,no cost for fuel! A marvelous idea, even a child could ride it on his own.
Then there was the “Wave Skipper”,the “Cannon Ball Rider”, “Post Ignition Exhaust Runner” and…

Oh my, but I am getting carried away aren’t I?

Listen Harry, when you hear Belvedere talk about it in the New Dynamics Marketing Meeting this morning, you will be as excited as I am.

I’m not going to say anymore. Gloria Steinway will positively squash me if this gets out ahead of time. Frankly, ever since Gloria took over the division she has become fairly hoity-doity about things, especially about our relationship which is practically non-existent since Belvedere came on the scene. Oh I don’t blame him, not one bit mind you. However, he is a bit of an odd creature that one, don’t you think?


Harry, Harry. Here he comes now!                              Belvedere Johnson






Members of the gastropod class, finger-size nudibranchs live fully exposed, their gills forming tufts on their backs. (Nudibranch means “naked gill,” a feature that separates them from other sea slugs.

~ by Vinnie on August 2, 2009.

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