Trial and Error

The Trial

The Trial

The court room erupted with a roar shouts of outrage and dissaproval. Nothing short of screams of anquish caused by the endless nights and dreamless sleep, of which there was too little to begin with. The pain of days, weeks and months that stretched into almost two years culminating in this, the aquittal of Bobby Brouchard, the man who killed her baby. Every one knew it too. Beva Lewis whose only daughter Tanya Lewis was dead.

During the time it took from the arrest of Bobby Brouchard to this final day in court, Mrs. Lewis’s husband, Tobias Jones Lewis, died from Cardial Infarction-he had a heart attack, plain and simple. Tobias had his first one two years previous to this very day, and his heart just couldn’t take it. Whether it was the physical strain or from what you may call a broken heart, Tobias went to join his little twelve year old daughter in the cold darkroom of death.

Then, as Bobby Brouchard was busy congratulating and being congratulated , Beva Lewis suddenly appeared before him. A diminuitive 5′ 2″ tall, even in her heals, the 52 year old black women appeared worn out, tired, broken. As she stood before Bobby Brouchard, now a free man, he was smiling, gloating, smirking even to Mrs. Lewis’s face . A mistake – a big mistake. For it was at that moment that Beva Lewis slipped the business end of of a 7″ carving knife up under the left side of Bobby Brouchards ribcage and straight into his heart. Bobby Brouchard may not have been convicted today and he would not have to return to his cell, but one thing for sure was, Bobby Brouchard was dead, stone cold dead and on his way to hell.



~ by Vinnie on July 6, 2009.

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