The Prisoner

The Prisoner

The Prisoner

It was a mistake I tell you, a mistake. The prisoner said. Sure it was Professor, sure it was. It’s always one excuse or another and usually that statement is a lie, but this my good man, this time Professor you speak the truth for your recent action was and is, the biggest of your life; which by the way has just been drastically shortened. Olaf said to the prisoner.Tell us what you know-now – and you will save your fingers for sure. Tell us what we need to know right now and it’s possible you may be enjoying dinner tonight with your wife, Franny is it? Tell us now or you will never eat again. Tell us Professor, tell us now.

Your Holiness, please believe me…

Enough, was the immediate response from your “Holiness”?

Wait, wait, let me speak, please. I am going to you what you wish to know. Was the Professor’s anguished cry.

Alright, Jano, give him some water. At this “His Holiness”, took a 4 legged old wooden chair , turned it around and sat facing his subject. “His Holiness” was wearing the robes like those worn by old monks he thought to himself. The hood was down and his bare arms extended beyond the sleeves revealing the hideous scars he recieved when he sat where the Professor is sitting. It was so long ago. So long.

Well Professor…



~ by Vinnie on July 6, 2009.

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