By The Sea

Rowing Out

Rowing Out

The hills above the town echoed with the sounds of feet hitting the ancient stone steps the fisherman used to get down to the edge of the sea. These were the same cobble stone and slate pathways that had been used for centuries by their fathers and forefathers as fishing is an ancient craft surely dating back thousands of years in this very same sea side village. No resort town here, this quaint place along the sea. No condos or duplexes, no vacancy or non-vacancy signs. No, this was a working town with working people. No time for tourists, no time for idle chit chat. These were men who fished for a living, they fished for food for themslves and to be sold at market for others to eat. As the men reached their boats, they first spent time preparing their nets for the rigorous use they would soon experience. They always spent what ever time necessary when they had finished the previous days work, to clean and repair their huge drag nets so they would be ready for the next days use.The nets were at least 100 hundred feet long and four feet high with long wooden poles at each end to be held by each man. These were methods used by men of the Bible similar to many of the Apostles of Jesus, much like Peter who had been fishing before he had been called and after again.

The life was hard,the days long, the men weary with work but they always slept well, they always slept with full stomachs and they always slept with a sense of inner strength and pride that was not on display for others to see for it was a natural course of daily living. And their families slept securely for their daily needs were met however humble they were. They slept well for they knew they were cared for. They slept well for they knew they were loved.



~ by Vinnie on June 23, 2009.

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