The Confessional

“Father forgive me, it has been, it has been, well, it has been a long, long time since my last confession.”                          “Yes, go ahead my son.”          “I’m not a kid any more Father and I have done some awful things in my life.”            “Yes, go ahead my son.”          ” Well, in all of these years since…”                                                                                                              “Years, my son”?                           ” Well, yes years Father. In all these years since my last confession, I have done awful things, immoral things, illegal things.                                                                                                               “Go ahead my son. Exactly what things have you done for Almighty God in heaven will absolve you of all your sins my son. He just wants you to come to Him with your sins and He will forgive you.”                                                                “Okay Father, I’ll tell you. I have committed fornication.”            “Many people have committed fornication my son.Obviously both male and female.”                                                            “Yes but,I have committed adultery Father.”             “Yes my son, sadly, many others have also.”                                              “I have stolen things Father, but not just little things.I have committed robberies, armed robberies where I have held up banks and threatened people at gun point – Father.”                                                                                                                     “Yes,well, as bad as these things are we know that others have committed such foul acts also – my son.”                           “Yes, well, that’s not all Father.”                                   “Tell me my son.”                                                                                                               “I have ……. I have – killed another man Father, not during war time but, in cold blood,out of  anger, hatred, envy and jealousy. This, I cannot be forgiven for. This has condemned  me to a life in hell, to be spent for eternity with the father of lies, jealousy,hatred and envy, for this I will suffer the eternal, firey flames of -of-hell!”                                         “Well.”                                                                                             “Yes, well.”                                                                                                                                “You speak as though you were a man of the cloth, am I correct my son?”          

A Priest & Confession

A Priest & Confession

                                                                                            “Yes, you are correct Father. At one time, I sat there in a pew as you do now hearing the pleas of others as they describe the plights and paths that sin as led them into. The anguish that now dwells in their souls and the heaviness of guilt that resides on their shoulders. Now, my Father, it is I, it is me who sits on the other side of the confessional, the sinners side to lay my grief before you seeking an inkling of God’s forgiveness and dare I say, God’s loving touch.”                                                                           “And so you shall have it my son, you shall have it. Our God is a God of love and compassion and will restore your soul. Now, let us pray.”

~ by Vinnie on June 20, 2009.

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