The Tide Is Running Out


The Tide

The Tide

Tide’s running out now Paul…

Yep, she’s heading out. Did you ever wonder where it goes, when it runs out I mean?

Sure, I know why it goes and even pretty much when it goes. Especially nowadays,it’s all written up for you on a schedule. Why it’s even posted in the papers.

Even so, I just wonder, what happens to all of that water? Does it stay together like a pool of water,or a blanket or sheet even?

Nah, I guess it’s more like pouring a jug of water out there in the canal and it just assimilates. How do you like that word, huh? Assimilates. Well, anyway, it assimilates into the canal water then as the tide runs out it dissipates into an even larger body of water like the bay or the gulf, or one of our mighty oceans, Atlantic or Pacific. Hey, you know what Pacific means? I think it’s Spanish and it means peaceful. Huh.There’s nothing peaceful about them waters I can tell you that! Anyway, the tide still runs out no matter what water it is, when it is, or even why we think it is.

Yep.The Tide Is Running Out.


~ by Vinnie on June 6, 2009.

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