Peace Time

The Last ShotSinclair Lewis was just another “Joe”, he served his time for his country and now it was time to go.

The ground where they were standing, they fought so hard to hold.

Now it was time to leave it, give it up they were told.

The cease fire was given just the night before. The end of all this fighting, the end of this great war.

Sinclair Lewis ready to leave, began  gathering his goods. He rose to his feet for one last look and this was when he stood.

He turned to see across the field, his enemy just last night. On this land against one another they fought with all their might.

Sinclair Lewis turned to go, go home to his love at last. This was when he heard the sound, he heard that awful blast.

The enemy sniper across the field still fighting for his country, he was left behind you see.

Of peace he knew not, he was never told,now his mind staid on victory.

He let loose the shot, a terrible shot, to it’s target straight and true.

Sinclair Lewis was left behind  and joined the souls’ of others, the brothers he once knew.



~ by Vinnie on June 6, 2009.

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