Silence Remains

Silence Remains

Silence Remains

Down, down, down the spiraling stair steps I go, an instant before reaching bottom the cushion of air rises again just enough to break my fall. Why is this  happening, why, I cry out. I call but, deaf ears preside above, oblivious to me but not to all.

Self pity you say but I am not trying to break through, yet, this horror of helplessness seems to be true.

Well let me gear up get ready to go, start moving ahead or try again to avoid the false start, to remain here with the dead.

Quietly, quietly, the silence builds to a roar, that moves to overtake and grasp me at the door.

The silence, now down to a whisper, takes hold of my hand, saying, stay here don’t leave, you must learn to sit not stand. 

The silence now empty, a reminder remains, to surround me with the soft suffering, of trying again.

~ by Vinnie on June 1, 2009.

One Response to “Silence Remains”

  1. You really need to get this stuff published, seriously. I am too close to being where you are to read it all. Out of the depths of great heartache, betrayal and ridicule come gems.


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