Which Way Does The River Flow


Jack came back when he knew his being there would only bring at least a minor disruption but most likely much more. Just the idea of Jack being back was like a spear head of envy, lust and greed rolling over the riverbanks of human lives like flood waters leaving a wake of despair, depression and total destruction. Yes, that’s the affect Jack would have by being back.

So, why put up with it?. Why not just head him off and stop him at the gates. Bring him down in his own morass of filthy lies, sex, scandal-let him wallow in the bog of degradation his own lack of morals has brought him to. Like the compas on a ship, Jack moral compass has gone awry to lead him down a path that many may follow but very few survive. A pah of sorow no btter described than pure hell. Good for you Jack. Your’e finally about to get what you deserve. Still, I wish you would get it some whee else. Get out of this town. Leave us to healing wounds and a slowly restoration of the peace we had known before there was a Jack.

2009, Washinton D.C.. Dawn’s early rising brings it’s sunrise gleaming off the fine, noble strtuctures that make the capital city such an inspiration to all, that is to many.


~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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