The “You” and Your Future “You”


Careful. Careful now. Are we are we at this point, this very moment we are entering the most critical phase of being. It’s the somewhere between here and there.As someone once told me, ” I am here because I am not all there”. That kind of idea. Of course, not with the sort of tom foolery your’e seeing here and now. Oh but there we go again. It’s kind of like the cadence of a marching band, group, brigade, squad, oh, a parade of various soldiers. Imagine ths for a minute bear with me now, it’s not all that inconvenient for you now is it? Good. So, here we go again. Imagine a grouping , a number of, oh, a fleet of ships, ships now altogether in some type of formation that ships will get in. Here they come with the lead ship obviously out in front taking the lead. Someone or some entity has to take the initiative whether it’s with forethought and planning or on the spur of the moment, like that. That a small group, say 3 or 4 coppers, detectives standing at the door. No knocking here today. Nope. Not with the likes of old Timothy Riley behind that door. No. Even the judge who issued the search warrant was convinced in his own heart say young at 22, Mr. Riley,wasn’t going to be bothered with a search warrant,going downtown with these nice gentleman police officers and then be put away for the rest of his unnatural life, be that as it may,and that’s if he were to be lucky. No chances are that Mr. Riley would be seeing the chair as it’s still the most widely use means of legal execution in this state. So, the judge went ahead and issued what we call a no knock search warrant which means exactly what it says. Not only can you go in to the persons home, commercial building, motor vehicle, boat, kyyack, whatever. But you can do so without so much as a little tap, tap, tap, tap on Mr. Riley’s door.So, there you hae it my friends. Once again a clear cut explanation and presentation of the facts as we, that’s me and my apprentices, see them!



~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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