There Really Aren’t Any Islands


It seem that trying to get away from it all really isn’t a possiblity. Oh, I guess you could say that anything is possible and you would be right, in my opinion anyway. But then you have to take in the thought or idea of probability. Possible? Maybe. Probable? ot likely. ust as I read some professional idiot once a long time ago. He said,”The universe is just one of those things that happens from time to time”. This was a guy who was at least an agnostic but “probably”, there we go again, probably an atheist, trying to make his case for the “Big Bang” theory, evolutionor at least anything to explain the “probability” and likelihood that the universe was created by a supreme being, a higher power, called GOD.

So, what does this have to do with islands, you may ask. Well, it’s like this; There is no escaping, no getting away from it all because, wherever you go “it” is. The “it” being you. Now that is simple enough you mighy say, yet at the same time as profound a concept as there “possibly “could be. here is no geographical cure for one’s ills. No burying yourself in your work, your family, your special cause. here isn’t any place to hide really. Oh, we might think we can and we very well might fool ourselves into believing it for a while, maybe even a long while but… To really take oneself away while you are still alive, meaning obviously not taking the definite method of removing oneself from this planet, namely, suicide, short of that means that we heve to adjust ourselves to reality by distancing ourselves from the norm. That is, becoming or being abnormal, neurotic, maladjusted but still able to function in your current environment in a reasonably acceptible manner or… PSychotic, where you have indeed removed yourself, distanced yourself far enough away from the centerof reality, to form the illusion, or delusion of escape. Yet this indeed is an individual who can can no longer function within the ream of societal norms, where bounderies and limits of external forces lose their hold on the individual, by and large. his would be my definition of Insanity-possibly, probably, most likely.

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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