Stubborn Winds

Stubborn winds settled on the seas below. The currents carried along at increasingly angry speeds that made the sea foams ris to everchanging, ever replacing peaks of crested waves. Beyond them stood the old light house, old but irrefutably the only constant in the magnificent environs dominance over all things, living or otherwise. The otherwise meaning the wind , the waves, the ragged wretched shoreline and of course, the sea with it’s darkeness-forboding. Closer now the old sleu??? Drew closer to the tidal shores ahead. Waves beating mercilessly against he harbour walls made up of natural rcks and stones driven in the place by the constant pounding as though the ancient sea were a champion heavy weight boxer giging all he’s got in the final decisive moments of the fight. Just before the winning blow would land upon his opponent rendering him as still as the shoreline succumed to the beating.

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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