Inky said to Dinky what are you going to do. Dinky said to Inky, I’m going to look for my lost shoe. Inky; Maybe I can help if I can just follow you. Well alright Inky, it’s better to have more than one and now we will have two. Just remember now, it’s getting dark and we are running out of time. Oh don’t you worry Dinky, I am sure your shoe we will find. So off they went Inky and Dinky looking for the shoe when a big black bear appeared , they didn’t know what to do. Inky went one way and Dinky the other. Each of them cried out in fright help me, oh help me mother. The big black bear caught Inky and Dinky together. You two are so darn skinny why your both light as a feather. I won’t take the time to eat you now cause of the approaching bad weather. I will put you in my cave to stay until the weather gets better. h what a dillema, what a plight, what will Inky and Dinky do!? For the big black he did prepare a pot to make a stew. Thinking quickly , thinking fast, an idea had come to them at last. They would be brave, courageous, stand tall, and shout and hollar and cry out loud so they could be heard by all. This plan they did so carry out and were heard at last with their last great shout. A hunter it seemed had always dreamed to get a big black bear as a trophy. Now Inky and Dinky went off to live with this new found friend named Loafy.

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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