Medicine Time

Medicine time. Lights on and sit up please. I’m sleepy. I know, I know you are. Here we go, Vincent M.. Two milligrams hd sulphide dioxide. Alright, Vinnie, open up and drink up. Nurse Reatha, shouldn’t it be drink down, the pill goes down with the water right, not up? If you say so boy. Well doesn’t it? Yep, you are right. Now go to sleep. I was asleep. Ok let’s see, Johnathan D. Here we go now.

An so it went night after night. That hospital dormitory filled with over 40 beds, 40 kidsand always full. I can’t seem to remember there ever being an empty bed in the place. It just dawned I me that I don’t recall if it was both girls a nd boys or boys only. Huh. Interesting.I mean, remember there being girls on the floor.There was that girl who was tutored on occassion with me and one or two others. That was the girl having her eyes drawn in together both focusing on ger nose. Poor kid. That’s one of those things we all joke about or make fun of but I doubt if most people ever see someone like that, with that condition I mean. I certainly haven’t since that one and only time. Well, I assume the operation was successful and she went on home soon after. I stayed.

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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