COERCIAN then in French Coercian

Slap-Slap. Whap. Ughh. he sweat flew from Phillipes hair and his brow as his head was jerked from side to side. Relentlessly the beating continued. No breaks, no further questiong, no mercy. Slap-Slap. This had been going on for quite some time now. Because the meticulously planned beating was carried out with the precision of expertice gained over many years of trial and error, the error often resulting in the death of the torturee executed by the torturer, the method of slapping, yet brutal slapping maintained over a consistently long period of time, resulted in the Dominant One’s complete control over his subject. The famed Chinese Torture of dripping water on one’s head could never compare to this.

Slap-Slap. The pace would vary, the masured force and resulting impact would vary but the final outcome would never vary. The subject at hand would find this method of precision torture was an excellant means of coercian, one that got results.

Phillipe Renault was a freedom fighter and in his fight for the freedom of others he found his own freedom was sacrificed forever. The juggernaught of the Third Reichs finest blew across his beloved France sweeping away mny of it’s citizens holmes, businesses, their very way of life and oh yes, the very core of Phillipes’ own existence was ripped from his home and his soul as his family, his wife and three young daughters were executed before his eyes.

Why was Phillipe spared? Why was he not swept away in this torrent of blind violence. Well, Phillipe was not there. He was not home with his family to love and protect them untill it was too late. Phillipe had been with a handful of other committed Freedom Fighters who successfully destroyed a bridge, the main thoughrofare into his small town of Rosier. However it was too late. As they say, too little, too late for the for the overwhelming German forces had chosen several routes into town and they chosen well. They actually reached this small band of resistors killing some and capturing one, Phillipe who was then subjected to the sight of his families slaughter before his own interrogation began in earnest.

Slap-Slap . Phillipe


~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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