The Battered Wife


Why would you want to do this to me John I’ve been faithful to you all of these years. She took time to roll around a loosened tooth in here mouth, finally maneuvering it with her tongue and spitting it out. John. John…….Please. He slapped her across the face back hand knocking her to her knees. John, please. A kick to her chest with his army issued infantry boots from eight years ago, sent her reeling on her back slamming against the wall. She was coughing now, a gurgling in her throat, a mixture of blood and saliva. John. He roared with a manic laughter that lit up his face with a shinning madness. John, she managed to whisper through broken, bloodied teeth. Her mouth severely cut inside and out, a tooth stuck through her bottom lip malformed from a similar experience not too long ago. John’s wife drifted back to memories of another time when she and her sweet daughter were at home, working really playing in the garden. Her little girl was only four then and oh so sweet, so beautiful, so full of love for her mommy. John was off serving his country in the War with Iraq for a second time. How he loved blowing away those “rag heads” he said. He was good at it too, real good. Special forces good. He said he missed her. That he love both his wife and his daughter but…. Actions speak louder than words, don’t they? John oh John, how can you do this to me? If not for me then think about our little girl John, our sweet little daughter, John. Of course she wasn’t so little anymore but…

Suddenly, She was snapped out of the dream like memories from the past. Was it a loud noise that alerted her or the stillness of the lazy quietness that shrouded her thinking now. John. John are you still there? John. John don’t leave what me now, not again. I can forgive you. Johnnnn! Think of our daughter.


How long has she been like this Dr. Rollins? Well it’s hard to say for sure, said Dr. Companiano. She came to us, it will be eight years ago this month, but she had been through multiple sorts of treatment, probably for most of her life. Did any of it ever take, and what types of treatment? Dr. Campaniano stared through the bars of the miniature, window like viewer in the double reinforced door, never taking his eyes off of her. He never did when he was here.

All of her treatments were spread out over time, with various medical professionals and usually buttressed with some type of heavy sedation.

But, what about her husband John? Did he really do the things she claims that put her in this condition? How about her daughter, she ought to be an adult by now capable of helping in some way if only in helping to find this maniac and testify against him?

Well Dr. Rollins, see, that’s just the thing. We can find no record of her being married to a John or anyone else for that matter, and her daughter. Nada. No where to be found.

You mean she isn’t alive,she doesn’t exist?

Oh she exists alright Dr. Rollins, but only her poor, pathetic mind. Why, we don’t even know her name.

Then from the cell; John, John, are you home for good now John?

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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