A Mourner’s Morning


A blanket of sadness fell over her like the heavy darkness that it was. Seventeen years she had lived in the same house with her only sibling, her only brother Phillipe, and now, he was gone too. As so many other elements of daily life had just melted away but not slowly over time. This was like a block of ice tossed in a blazing furnace melting the ice to water then the water to steam and the steam to… Where? Gone.All gone, and she, Michelle for the first time in her short period of existance on this seemingly God forsaken planet was-alone.

R.Hey, Michelle, what are you doing? We have customers here and I need your help. M. Patience my friend patience. All good things come to those who wait, that’s what Momma used to say.

R. Yeah, yeah. Momma, Momma used to say. That’s all I ever hear. Didn’t Poppa used to say anything or any body else for that matter?

M. Basta. Come on, you know the story R. R. Yeah, I know it. I’m sorry. Hey, but spending all those years in Napoli, growing up into the beautiful women you are, that sure didn’t do you no harm. M. No, no r, you’re right about that. It was great. The Pastani family were wonderful people. They took me into their home and literally made me a part of their family. It was like they were one of the big soft sponges they would catch in those huge fishing drag nets. They wrapped that spongy body around me, absorbed me right into the center of a warm Italian family. I couldn’t have asked for anything better that’s for sure. My biggest regret was that Phillipe couldn’t be there with us. R. M, m, come on now. It’s not like we haven’t been over this before. M. Some things I will never get over, never. No, never.

R ok m . Carry over that pan with the fresh calamari in it before I tell em’ to squirt black ink all over you. m But I just want you . R c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, bring it over,let’s goThis is a classy Italian restaurant you know not some beat government rehabilitation center for the emotionally deprived. C’mon , let’s get it done and I’ll take you to see that new sci-fi movie that just came out, where Godzilla is supposed to bite off Arnold Shwarnzzenager’s over developed penis and conquers L.A. M. Robin!!!

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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