How Much Worse Can It Get ?

depression22Can it be this bad?  How is this one,”How bad can it get”? I don’t know but to tell you the truth, not that I have been lying to you up to now of course, but this “seems” to be just about as bad as it gets. No, that’s not really true it can always get worse really. There is always, I’m pretty sure that can be added to the bundle, you know, placed on top of the heap-the “straw that broke the camels back type of thing. Anyway, it’s likely that things can always get worse as long as we are alive that is. Hey, now there’s a thought. As long as we are alive. We have to keep dealing with this crap, day in day out, except of course when’s it’s night. Then it’s night in night out, and so forth, so on, all congrats to Dion. Yeah, bring it on just one more thing. Try me out. Hey, hey, yeah you. I can handle it. One more thing I – … Woooumppp!

                               Ohhh, guess not.

How Much Worse Can It Get ? Was:

Written and directed by:  R. U. Fooling.

Manhandled by stage grips: Paul Vault & Lefty Hanging

Manuscript delivered to studio Executives by: O. My Gosh.

Legal Copyright or Copywrong Notice:

No one in their right mind would want to claim the cop rights or wrongs to this manuscript or womanscript for that matter therefore any legal ties to this document are hertofore and in the here after freely and rightiously given up so that some other fool can avail themselves of the lack of benefits herin contained. This announcement is brought to bear or dear or what ever animal you so choose to further distinguish and annunciate from this moment forward. Can I hear an Amen?

~ by Vinnie on April 24, 2009.

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