Comical Incisions – This Isn’t Brain Surgery

brain witelson

brain witelson

Comical Incisions – This Isn’t Brain Surgery Or How I Raised Myself From Slaughter House Meat Inspector To The Senior Pathologist In Formaldehyde, TexasEver since a was a small child, instead of a big child, I could remember my parents working in the basement of our tiny, one bed room and a half bath, with uncle Bill. They were all in varying stages of studying, by correspondence courses of course, for heir appropriate credentials in pathology. Now, everyone in Formaldehyde, Texas new how hard and how long getting a good education could take these days, not to mention the cost, so I won’t mention it, whoops, anyway,the town desperately needed some good undertakers and a reputable and credible and even an effecient, proficient funeral home, the good people of said town, certainly someone said the name of the town so, the said town felt it would benefit the ppulation of the said town to go ahead and issue my daddy the essential documentation to validate his service and profession.


~ by Vinnie on April 22, 2009.

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