The Hindu Who Did Kung Fu

He ate tofu sliced with his ginsu now because he was a Hindu and not an “acidic” Jew. He Ate so much of the tofu that he just grew and grew and grew. Boo – hoo. Because it was so boring, that’s not to be confused with  sobering , so, because it was So Boring, he tried it differant ways; fried, baked and even stew. Then it did come the day he had done all that he could do and from his mouth his meal he did spew . The moral of this story as it may affect you and of course those in your mighty stew crew, it’s all a matter of attitude and your own personal pointe of view.          Thank you !  Ensign John La Rieu

Note: Written during a very high mass with a very high preacher while kneeling properly in a Peew.  

Semi related subjects: Oyster Stew , a boy named Lou , and A Room With A View. ( Stick that in your wicket and spicket !)

~ by Vinnie on March 23, 2009.

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