Buffalo Warning

The buffalo herd , although it was expected to cross this section of the plains, was still a nerve wracking yet awesome sight. The mighty animal was much bigger up close than he had ever imagined. The confident, fearless buffalo moved en-mass almost as if they collectively formed a single unit. Kind of like a military regiment trained to co-ordinate their movements with precision execution. But up close you could see the bulk of each one. Their huge heads and manes I guess, moving up and down in harmony with one another. The buffalo. What a creature, and now what’s left? It’s too bad you know? What was once a commodity of thousands upon thousands has dwindled to a precious few, relatively speaking. Well you all know what happened. The senseless slaughter. Killing for the pleasure of killing. Dominating an entire species only because it could be done. Boy I would have liked to have seen some hotshot with a rifle take on a fifteen hundred pound buffalo head to head, face to face, so to speak. I’d like to see that one. You know. I wonder some time if something like that will happen to us, mankind I mean. Will we be wiped out, decimated by some other dominating force. Yeah, I wonder. You just never know of course.  

~ by Vinnie on March 20, 2009.

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