It walked across the cavernous opening

Just one small movement at a time….

Slowly slowly, ever so slowly

It came slowly yet to be mine.

In the infinite sum of all darkness below

Let me go I cried, let me go let me go.

It continued on and on and on and on

All shivers at the top of my spine,

All shivers now just so.

Tap tap tap It went, tapping and tapping

now from the earth so deep

So deep so deep so deep you know.

Too late to guard the treasures

Riches of the heart and of the mind.

Too late for someone who cries

Please sir, please m’am

Be kind now, please be kind.

When your difference becomes the

Starting point for evil done

Being kind no longer settles

Like the setting of the sun.

Take with you now this potent potion

For your mind and body

Take this drink for tomorrow

It will help you to run.

The darkest journey with a single

Step you will start

As you cross the cavernous opening

Cast your light upon the dark

Upon the dark, the very dark

The darkest fracture, just a seam

An adaptation of your heart

Of your heart alone

Alone as you dream.

~ by Vinnie on July 26, 2018.

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