Just another step, one more step if you dare.


See there, at the top, the top of the stairs,

there stood a doorway of which I was unawares.

I knew the way, the way from long ago

even though it’s been so long since I’d gone astray.


Stay with me now as I make the climb

surely you have arrived just in time.

To make this final journey together with me,

the doorway to heaven, yes it’s heaven you’ll see.

Don’t leave me now for the time draws near.

Don’t turn from it my dear, confront your fear.

It seems so high so many steps to climb,

fear not the end for your time,

yes your time it has come,

to complete your destiny, each step you take, one by one.

The light shines brighter, more so even than

Our blazing sun.

Fret not of this journey before you

it’s the way of the spirit, do continue.

The darkness behind will in the distance stay.

Look forward, climb higher know not dismay.

Turmoil and trouble was in the life you led,

it was blood yes blood, yours that was shed.

Rise higher and higher with each step you climb,

this is the way, your way of redemption you’ll find.

Fear not to repeat the past for in the past

it will stay.

Hold fast to “the way”, hold fast, hold fast.




~ by Vinnie on October 17, 2017.

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