The Last Bend In The Road

I was already going pretty darn fast but I couldn’t see around the bend in the road…

So I started to speed up some more. It was a dark, winding road and I hadn’t seen another car for the past twenty minutes or so.image

It was kind of freeky, just as I would build up a good head of steam running full out downhill the road would suddenly begin a sharp incline and my trusty old Mustang would be struggling to make it up the grade.


For awhile it was kind of fun you know letting it all hang out but after awhile it really became a chore. It seemed like no matter what I would do I just couldn’t change my course. I mean it was up and down up and down, curve to the left bend to the right. And no matter how hard I tried to, I couldn’t see around the next bend to possibly help me anticipate the next move to make.

I didn’t like this, didn’t like it at all! This was no fun anymore.

Not only was this road full of curves, hills and bends, it was dark like pitch black graveyard dark.

Oh boy, get a grip now Tommy. Yeah I know this isn’t Kansas anymore. Well it wasn’t any other state that I’m aware of either.

imageAll of a sudden my faithful old Mustang starts increasing its speed without me depressing the gas pedal any further and this on a steep incline. Now I’m desperately trying to see around the next bend because I’m tooling along at about eighty mpg uphill and I could just feel what was coming at the next bend. If I was doing over eighty uphill what would happen if around the bend there was a sharp decline, was I going to slow down? I didn’t think so.

Suddenly, a huge boulder appeared before me right in the middle of the road! My thoughts running quickly now as ideas of past turns and speeds came to mind, the cautions of others to slow down, take a rest, don’t drink and drive, and so on.image

A flash before my eyes, all colors of the rainbow behind my eyelids…


It was over, I knew it. The Mustang’s engine was still running, all four wheels were turning. Water and steam spouting out from under the hood.

The smell of gas coming up around me to enter my nostrils as a sense of dread came over me with a shudder. This was it I thought, this is how it will all end. Pain in my arms and kneck but only numbness below. Why, oh why hadn’t I listened to those warnings, and now it was too late, I was going to meet my maker. But was it too late to meet my maker and head in the right direction, which I assumed would be up.


Wait, what was that. A light? Nah, it’s just the sun shining over that dumb boulder. No, no look man, that light is no ordinary light, it’s shooting right through the boulder and in fact, coming at me from all sides at once. Woah buddy, this is freaking me out man!

Buzz. Clang. Hummm.

What the heck is that? A figure?image

Hey, that’s not God, that’s a, umm, a plane? Nah. Round, flattened like a, a saucer. Holy cow – a flying saucer, man!


Wait, wait. I don’t want to go up there. I want to go up all right but not there!




~ by Vinnie on May 31, 2015.

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