The Dripping Faucet

Drip drip drip drip-drip…

And so it went, on and on throughout the night,The Dripping Faucet. image

Angelo tried desperately to fall asleep that night but it seemed like it wasn’t in the stars for him, not that night. Lying there sleepless, hour after hour, poor Angelo didn’t know what to do.image

It was driving him…


Well then, with that expression of frustration and inner turmoil now turned about inside and out our hero find himself lying flat on the floor.

imageimage    Plunk!

Meanwhile back in the bathroom the dripping faucet kept on dripping, you know how it goes and Angelo, after dragging himself back in bed, soon found himself in a big time scary nightmare. image   The faucet that was dripping was dripping so much, he was getting washed right out of the house!


Angelo was upset, Angelo was tired, Angelo was crying in the night when his Mama came running into the room and promptly slipped in a puddle of water and went: image


Mama wasn’t too happy about that, no not at all. She came into the room to help her son not to have a great fall. At this point Angelo was ready to try anything, anything at all if he could only get to sleep.

It was about this  time he remembered an ancient tribal legend that talked of a giant Kodiak bear that used to hibernate for six months straight out of the whole year.

imageIn his heart he then knew if he could just speak with the bear he would finally get the sleep he so desperately needed.   So off he went to find his bear.

Meanwhile, back at the house another faucet had taken up the charge and you guessed it, began a relentless dripping that seemed to know no end!image     Ahhhh! Angelo thought it had reached his limit and could take no more but it was that exact moment when he spotted the sign: imageQuietly, ever so quietly Angelo approached the cave . He knew in his heart he was scared to death but this was no time for fear, he had to be brave.

image Sooooo, he knocked on the door to the big bears cave, waited for an answer and in under a minute was greeted by a small house cat about the size of a shoe.image Angelo Told him about the Dripping Faucets and the sleeplessness it was causing him and wondered if there was a anyway Mr. Bear could teach him how to sleep.

Then Tom the cat went off to confer with his friend  Mr. Bear The bear listened carefully and was at first confused but then he smiled and told Angelo and Tom the cat to follow him, for he had an answer and sleep would be theirs that night. Have faith young man. image

AHA! image

Off they went back through the woods just the way they came and finally reached Angelo’s house.

That’s when Mr. Bear reached under his huge furry belly and pulled out his trusty Smoky hat.


With all of the authority vested in him through the Smoky hat, Mr. Bear ran into the house as the faucets continued to drip incessantly and… let out one great big



All was quiet, all was still. The faucets had stopped dripping. Mr. Bear picked up his pillow and went into the house and went to sleep.


Angelo and Tom the cat would follow him in but first they had to put up a sign for Mr. Bear’s new business:     image

~ by Vinnie on May 8, 2015.

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