Zombie Daze

It used to be in the olden days that people didn’t have much to do with zombies…




They just weren’t around all that much.

Well alright, sometimes at night maybe. 




But now, in current times it seems like that’s all you ever hear about. It’s zombie this and zombie that. There’s The Walking Dead, The crawling dead, The Greatful Dead, the undead dead.


Why by golly, there’s just about every kind of dead one can think of and I for one would just like to see the dead stay dead. I mean is that too much to be asking for?

C’mon now, huh!




Why just the other day, I was taking my grandson Jack to pre-school, and what do you think I saw? 




I saw one sign declaring the school along with it’s surrounding area to be Zombie Free! 

As it should be.







Then just like that there goes a sign announcing just the opposite, that this here was a Zombie Zone, of all things!







Soon we are going to have school guards out there helping these darn Zombies cross the street, you mark my words.






Well, maybe I’m just getting too old and crotchety for all of this.

old man zombie1





Well, maybe I ought to take my old wife’s advice when she says,

” Herbert – if you can’t beat them, join them.”

old-woman zombie








And maybe she’s right, bless her heart, maybe she’s right.

old-man zombie2

~ by Vinnie on March 20, 2015.

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