Polly Graph

The PollyWhy don’t you just make it easy on yourself ? You know you did it. We are 20 floors up, the door was locked, we found the open window which just happens to be the only way in or out, we got an eye-witness says she saw you come flying out of that window like a bat out of hell and…no fingerprints.         

Yeah, but plenty of claw prints sarge.

That’s right, I almost forgot that point. Plus we are waiting on DNA matching from what appear to be repeated indentations from a sharp “beak” -like apparatus, just like what you have there Mr. Pol. And, don’t forget the results from the Polly Graph test that says you are nothing but a lying old crow. Mr. Pol, I hate to be the one to ruffle your feathers here but, we got you dead to rights. Your crappy story just ain’t going to fly.

Mr. Pol, we have another eagle eye -witness who states he was feeding his pigeons on his apartment buildings rooftop when he saw you Mr. Pol when you flew the coop.

What do you have to say about that?                      parrot2

We have a warrant to search your cage Mr. Pol and

I guarantee we will turn something up,we always do.  

Sarge, why don’t we just book him, he ain’t  going to chirp up. He hasn’t even asked for a lawyer yet. Besides, there wasn’t any good stuff to steal here, it’s  just chicken feed.

Not until we try the old good cop bad cop routine. I’ve been the bad cop so far so, let Lester here be the good cop.

Alright. Mr. Pol, we have been here for quite some time now, let me take those cuffs off of your wingtips. They look kind of tight. Perhaps you would care for some water or, Mr. Pol do you want a cracker? Your head is still bleeding. Somebody, go get  nurse Riley in here. She’s a regular Florence Nightingale Mr. Pol. Fix you up as good as new.  

See, I told you so, not a peep out of him. That old judge, Lawerence C. Gull  will give him 10 to 20 and he will wind up just like all the rest of those jailbirds on “F” Wing.

Yeah, most of them won’t even eat the food  it’s so bad,

especially if they are in solitary confinement.Polly Graphs

It’s an ancient church belfry, just like Alcatraz,

they wind up lite as a feather.

They don’t even let visitors in there do they sarge.

Nope, no visitors, only by a wing and a prayer.

“Ok, ok, I did it. Polly wants a plea bargain.”

Well I’ll be, the old bird  finally starts singing. 

Yeah, the good old swan song.

Parrot in cage

~ by Vinnie on September 6, 2014.

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