They Took The Shot

The call came in.

It wasn’t too late to complete the plan, but they would have to hurry.


Resistence 2

Church Tower

Church Tower

SS troops were scouring the area looking for anyone, an-y-one, who looked in the least out of place. Ulrich had to snear and grimace when anyone mentioned the SS troops. They were no more a regimental, disciplined troop of German soldiers than if Hitler himself were found to be an Irish-Jew. Impossible.

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Elsie was serving as the lookout and saw the German High Command car wind it’s way around the square.  She gave the signal to Ulrich who began his climb up along the side of the cliff that would eventually lead him up to the church tower. The combined height of the cliff and tower was well over two hundred meters. His ascent was the signal for Samuel to get ready . The plan was for Ulrich to climb up to the tower and using the pulley and basket he had planted there two days ago, he would lift and pull Sam up and into the bell tower, where he could take the shot.

Ulricht reached the tower. With much effort and struggle he quickly lowered the basket down to Samuel who got in and carefully pulled his long gun in with him and cradled it in his arms. Carefully but speedily he was raced to the top.

Elsie alerted them when the car had arrived. It was time. Elsie said, ” be ready to acquire the target in 30 seconds”.

Samuel set down a bag of beans he brought to serve as a rest for the barrel of the long gun. He saw  the staff car draw up to the curb. He sighted in on the acquired target. It was only one hundred meters, he could do this. He had made quite a few more successful maneuvers with greater distances, higher winds, height and gravitational affectations and…

But wait, something was wrong.


Gestapo uniformed men had come out of the vehicle and they were dragging Elsie by the hair across the square.

No, oh no. One German officer had a pistol aimed at her head and was shouting maniacally. We couldn’t make out what he was saying, only we could hear poor Elsie in her defiance and fear screaming, ” no, never, you will never know you filthy street pigs “, and she spat upon her tormentor.


Elsie, Elsie was gone.

Bang, Bang – Bang. Three successive firings in a row and the  Gestapo officer who shot Elsie was down. He wasn’t dead –  yet, but he was turning around on his back like a tank with one tread out rotating in a slow circle.

German Tank

” Samuel, Samuel.  Come. We must go. Now! ” This, from Ulrich. He was right of course. Elsie was dead and there was nothing they could do for her, not  anymore. They must leave and pick  up the remaining group hidden in a small shelter behind the church. 

The German High Command car carrying, who? Hitler himself ? The small band of Freedom Fighters didn’t know for sure. They weren’t told but, this was what they suspected.  The car suddenly started up  and began going forward. It ran right over Elsie’s body and Samuel was enraged and swore to himself. He quickly took up the rifle and not bothering with calculations nor precise sighting preparations took two quick shots and blew out one rear tire. The car was facing him directly head on. It’s front windshield giving him a clear view of the car’s occupants. In the rear seat he could see. It was !  It was ! Hi …


The awful crushing sound was deafening as the church tower disintegrated into the night.

Dead SS

The intensity of the moment precluded Samuel and Ulrich from hearing or seeing the Panzer tank, the awesome war machine as it entered the square. It crept in just enough to sight in on the peak of the church tower where Ulrich and Samuel were positioned and without hesitation fired. One round was enough.

The German High Command car took off carrying ” him ” to safety.

Ulrich and Samuel were no more. The group hidden behind in the shelter, well…

And of course Elsie, Elsie. She was left in the square.

So it was that night.

They, they took the shot.


Resistence 1

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