Go Johnny – Go

Johnny At BatJohnny had given it all he had; a full swing, a solid hit. He tried to remember all the things the coach, (his dad) had told him like; “step up to the plate in the batters box, keep your right foot as far back in the box as you can; crouch over because you’re small; choke up on the bat and for heaven’s sake, keep it cocked and off your shoulders; head up, deep breath and when the pitcher let’s go keep your eyes on the ball”. go johnny-go
So, Johnny did all of these things the coach had told him. He never had been much of a hitter, in fact, he only had one it all season and that so far was nine games. Well, he actually only played in five games so…
This time he knew he hit a good one. He really could feel the solid smack that came when the ball met his bat, right on the “sweet spot”.
Johnny was thinking this as he had rounded first and was on his way to second base. He looked for and picked up the third base coach,(also his dad) looking for a waving arm telling him to round second or both arms up signaling to stop; he was being waved on.The Throw
Johnny was going for it now. He hit the bag at second and propelled himself off and on his way to third. The coach(dad) was waving his arms furiously screaming for him to take third and head for home.                                                    


Fabio, The Sting Rays center fielder meanwhile, had made a clean pick up and his throw to their second baseman Rollo, was strong and right on the money. Rollo was smooth in his catch, rotation and his throw to Peter, Sting Rays all star catcher, was about as fast and accurate as could be.
Johnny was winded now but, he kept on chugging home.
The Umpire lined up.
The Catcher was catching.
Johnny was running.The Slide-The Call
The crowd was standing.
The coach, (Dad) was hollering-something.
Johnny hit the base sliding.
The Ump was starting to make the call and…

~ by Vinnie on July 30, 2009.

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  1. I love Little League Baseball.



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