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Bashful Madeline

Bashful Madeline



Henry and Madeline were celebrating their twelfth year of marital bliss and their only daughter, Henrietta, wanted the world to know about. So, she was preparing to have a great big pool party, invite all of their old friends to the house and have a great big SPLASH !

Oh Henry

Oh Henry





It was Saturday night, not just any old Saturday night but it was the night, the night of Henry and Madelaine’s twelfth anniversary party. All those who were invited were there bearing gifts and a number of other party crashers showed up as well. But no body cared, this was a special night and Henrietta, being the good daughter she was and still is, brought out the family picture album after promising to show no more than just a half a dozen photos from days of old. 

The picture of the young couples first spat was quite entertaining. (Henry didn’t think so).

Now Dear

Now Dear

But then Henry was called upon to make a short speach , which he gladly did, and afterwards handed out fresh sardines to all of the male sea lions as they withdrew to the “smoking” room, and the ladies enjoyed their cream of squid patee, a specialty home recipe concocted by none other than Madeline herself, and a good time was had by all.

Smoked Sardines

Smoked Sardines

As the evening wore on, the guests and their hosts wore out. 

Henrietta made a final toast to the special anniversary couple and old friends began to form small schools to swim their way home.

Then Henry and Madeline sat together again and thought of the years gone by. No regrets said he, no regrets Henry, and they snuggled in for the next twelve years.

~ by Vinnie on July 27, 2009.

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