Paint My Wagon Blue


She began to carefully put in the personal belongings that she felt must go with her. The rest of her stuff she was leaving for him to do with as he wished. Keep some, give some away and toss the rest. Some things were hard to decide about about especially for the young girl. At least he had time to think about the stuff being left behind, he could deal with that later, but she had to decide now. It’s a known fact that a blue wagon will hold just so much stuff and that was it. In fact, it didn’t hold very much at all so she had to choose carefully.

My Painted Blue Wagon

My Painted Blue Wagon

He stood there, kind of leaning up against the wall, not in a defiant or mean way but rather distant and cool. Just like you would expect someone to look when their heart is being emotionally torn out of them. They had already been through this repeatedly, over and over again and decided that it was over. This was the best thing for both of them. Sure it will hurt. It won’t be easy but in this life what is? So, now the wagon was painted a pale blue. They finished it together the night before with a quick drying enamel paint. The salesman wasn’t kidding them saying that it would dry in six to eight hours and it did all right.


Meanwhile the young boy continued to look on. His eyes were tearing up somewhat but he was determined not to cry. I mean after all, he was the man here wasn’t he? He would be strong. He would handle it. Oh,but he would miss her so. A tear dropped from his eye. He turned so the girl wouldn’t see. But she knew, yes she knew for she had her own tears in her eyes.

Well now the blue wagon was ready. The young girl had carefully loaded it with just the right belongings.The things she most cared for. The mundane items she would need for daily living. The special things she cherished and loved, for it had been a good time. A time of strengthening and healing. A time for both of them to grow individually and together. A time they would both remember perhaps forever.

The young boy looked at her and knew it was time now. What had Shakespeare written, “parting is such sweet sorrow”. The boy for sure never read Shakespeare and probably never heard that famous quote but one doesn’t have to be a reader to understand and feel it’s meaning. Sorrow is what he felt for parting is what they were doing.

As she pulled the painted blue wagon to the door, the boy opened it and held it for her. They both stood at the door as they had done so many times before but this was different,very different.

The young girl looked tearfully at the young boy and pulled her painted blue wagon out the door.

~ by Vinnie on July 11, 2009.

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