March of the Light Brigade


One by one and two by two, forward they marched all fearless yet few…

Charge of The Light Brigade

Charge of The Light Brigade

Into the darkness ahead where they knew, their enemy waited with planned evil to do.
The lines they were humming, great circuits they blew, outnumbered they were yet in each heart all of them knew.
The outcome of this battle was for them to win, to fight light against darkness, good against sin.
Onward, onward, forward they marched, each body fatigued, each throat was so parched.
Finally a line that was drawn once reached and now past, trumpets let go with a fearsome blast.
A great battle began, it was fought all that day, once towards evil then back to good, many times it did sway.
Onward, onward, came a Great Light that did shine, with a mighty glow so great sin was made blind.
At the end of it all the Great Light won the day, good against evil, good here to stay.
So each light had remembered the great struggle and victory won, now together they shine as bright as the sun.
Vigilance is maintained even to this day, for the Great Light has given them hope and the desire to say.
We will serve good not evil to Honor the Great Light, this is what we pray, to follow Him always, to trust and obey.

~ by Vinnie on July 6, 2009.

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