House To House

The mist was rising slowly off the ground. It seemed to him like it had been night way too long. Too much darkness.

House To House

House To House

Too much – fear. Everybody was afraid. You’d have to really be crazy not to be. So the guys didn’t try to hide their fear due to embarassment or shame. It was more of a leadership thing. A calculating logical decision to grab hold of a most dangerous , fear provoking situation and to keep your wits about you. This was about survival, fittest or fattest. Made no differance when it came down to this situation and Myron, the guys like to call him My, so did his girlfriend, and his brother and, well even his mother called him My. Myron Reynolds was up to the task. Oh he didn’t want to go charging up that hill to where the lone house stood. Charging like some comic book hero. Uh uh, no My would much rather be back at the staging area or HQ, or cleaning out some filthy latrine some where. Any where but here is where My would rather be, but- and that’s the qualifying word, but, My was here, and now, in this , wait a minute. Is that movement out there? Hey Jake, did you see that curtain move on that side window there? Yeah, I did My . Listen, we have got to take these guys soon before it starts to get light out and thats not to far from happening. OK, OK My. It’s just that we don’t have the slightest idea whether the kid and his mom are still alive in there or are they just suckering us into their web. My thought about that but not for too long and said, What difference does it make Jake. We are going in one way or another and now is the best time to make our move. No I take that back, it’s the only time. If we don’t go in the next 5 minutes we can kiss all of our smiling faces good bye. So, let’s do it! Ok My. Let’s go. I’m following you like we planned, then you go for the front door and I’ll come on the right side. Under the window and those stupid thorned rose bushes. Man I hate this.



~ by Vinnie on June 29, 2009.

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