The Patient Storm

Stairs At The Sea

Stairs At The Sea

 The swells were getting larger now. Reports coming in from all the news channels,the ones we could get anyway. Glad someone thought of the emergency radio, weather stuff, it sure wasn’t me. I didn’t believe in storms. I mean, I believed in storms alright, like in the Caribbean and Florida, the Carolina coast.You know, places like that. No matter where I was I just didn’t think it would happen to me. Well… think again good buddy cause here she comes. Whew. Wind really set the windows and shutters to rattling now. The shutters,huh.What a joke.That salesman last spring told Momma that those shutters would stand hurricane winds up to 120 mph. Right! That’s why they are about to shake right off their “titanium”bolts here at 70 mph. Well, no matter.We have to really hunker down now if we intend to make it through this “situation, you know they always call it a situation on T.V., so if we are going to make it through this “ordeal”, we need to get our act together and quick. Funny though, I don’t know why I keep saying  “we” have to do this and “we” need to do that. There isn’t, aren’t nor ain’t any “we” here.It’s just me here!  Momma and JuJu, and Solly decided, pretty darn quickly I’d say,to up and leave after the Governor issued his warning and then he sent his National Guard boys, oh yeah, and girls, to issue that mandatory evacuation or  face the possibility of death. Not me, I said. Uh, uh, I’m not going anywhere. This is my home, this is my story and I’m sticking to it. Having all those T.V. news people out shooting pictures of me helped with that decision. Then doing that interview with me as, “The Last Holdout On Spiro Island”.  That was when they decided they were going to head off too. Got a great parting shot of me though as they were leaving and I was waving. But now… oh well. Too late to change things now even if I wanted to leave  which I do not!  I do wish they would have left old Marabelle with me. Even that old dog would be some company now but, Momma didn’t want to risk her being carried off by a wave or something seeing as she can’t swim and all. Marabelle that is, not Momma. Although come to think of it, Momma can’t swim all that well herself  can she. Right. Man, I wish I would have put a decent amount of tape on that front window there.You know, it’s great being right on the ground level, beachfront and all, when the weathers good that is, but right now it’s not looking all that good. In fact,it’s looking downright ugly. Worse than ugly cause that ocean water there is way over the sea wall, which I can’t see anymore, and those swells… damn, that’s got to be over 10 ‘. The thing that’s starting to really bother me is that it’s reached the house now. The swells have, not the water level just yet. What was that. Oh boy, those outside wooden shutters are history. I told Momma if your going to buy those hurricane shutters then do it right and put them all the way around the darn house. Which is more like a shack anyway. I’ll be, that wind has just torn off all the wooden shutters from around the sides of the house. That wind is awful loud now. It’s like they say, I can’t hardly hear myself think. Man, sounds like a freight train coming through here. Oh no. The front door just blasted through! Did I really see that? Wait, wait. Whats all that salt water doing in my living room. Hey, hey! This ain’t supposed to happen here. Not to me. Not Now.

        NOT TRUE !

                                                                                           The Solution?                                  

~ by Vinnie on June 14, 2009.

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