The Case of The Cornish Hen

Chicken and the Egg

Chicken and the Egg

The hen house was full of the usual occupants one would expect to find in a domain of this sort. Low, squat type wooden structure, only about 4′ high, with screen fronting and latched roofing spaced somewhat evenly apart for ease of the “hen master” to pluck either the hen or it’s eggs upon need. Well, this particular hen house was in a better neighborhood than most of the others and was more of the upper class variety. Therefore, it’s occupants were only 4 families which at the current time consisted of Agness, the traditional “mother hen” whom at this time was beyond egg bearing age and more or less managed the household or “ruled the nest” as one might say. Then we had Phyllis, who was and still is a younger mother hen with a small brood of little chicklets, not of the gum chewing variety mind you, 3 in all who kept her quite busy. Then finally we come to Harriet, the harried hen who is the main subject of this story. It is she whose misfortune we shall focus upon and how her dilemma came to be resolved by the industrious and good natured Mr. Cornilious Crumwell, whom all called CC for convenience sake. Mr. Crumwell or CC., was and is a magnificent example of the present day PI, Private Investigator formally referred to as a Private Eye, which always struck me as very silly for why should one think that one in that profession would have an eye or even two eyes that were or still are, either private or otherwise by inferred meaning made public. Well, to carry on.


revelly was the doo in the year of our Lord,2009. The Rooster crowed his magnificent, melodic, melody, to awaken all of his own feathered flock and the village people themselves, living in and around the village proper itself. Dawn arose, the sun revealed it’s majesty and the day began.

~ by Vinnie on June 13, 2009.

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