The Retired Cheerio Dilemma


The Retired Cheerio Dilemma began some time before Mr. Cheerio actually did retire. It began to slowly dawn on Mr. Cheerio, let’s refer to him as Mr. C, as he was begining to experience with some increasing frequency at that. Well now, he was feeling das when he just didn’t have that good old Mr. Cheerio smile any longer. t first it came as a shock to the poor old fellow and he didn’t know what to do. I mean, to hear Mr. C tell it the very flaps of your own ceral box could freeze on the spot from sheer fear and embaressment when you find yourself unable to,well, unable to smile like a good Cheerio should!

Like he always had done!

Up til now anyway. Up til now.

On that day, when it happened.Oh whenever for goodness sakes. Mr. C was waiting for the call and his turn to line up. It had only been a couple of days snce his last bowl duty so it wasn’t like he was milk loged or anything.

In fact, truth be known, Mr. C was actually a little on the dry side. Anyway, the call came to ” Stand By “,and there had to be at least a hundred other semi relations to Mr. C. They were all eager and ready to follow him out. After all, he had been a mentor and true leader of so many Cheerio Bowl Divers and now this. Frezzing in the boxway like that. he box was tilted at a 75 degree angle. Air wa rushing past as te box whooshed down towards the bowl.Everyone was excited and yes, cheery.

All were anticipating the dive to the bowl, sighting of the milk and the fnal plunge through the sweet, heavenly milk itself.

And that was when it happened. Por Mr. Cheerio lost his cheer, falling flat on his rear causing all to be stuck inside.The hundred and more other Cheery O’s, were in turn jammed into the flaps of the box and missed their shot at the bowl.


~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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