Legacy of the Dead

No matter how hard I kept trying to push forward, to gain even an inch of space on the gap separating me from the light…

I couldn’t do it.

Each time, just as my hand reached for the edge of the darkness my fingers almost caressing the door frame-it would shut!

Close with a finality that brought a chill to my spine, a coldness known only to the damned for what they did then and, for what they won’t do now.

This now was my final hour. This I knew so I was not surprised when the door that I so urgently had been trying to reach and to open began to slowly creek it’s way open, just like in an old B-grade horror movie. Not funny. The door to an old hallway closet opened just enough for this weird little man to edge in sideways. Why the big need for secrecy? Maybe he really wasn’t planning on killing me. He still hasn’t exposed his face nor shared anything that would reveal his identity. That’s it, he probably just wants to scare the daylights out of me which he is doing a good job of, a very good job.


He is fully inside this closet now and, hey mister, listen, please tell me what you want. You want money, take it. I have ten grand stashed in the bottom drawer of that desk over there. A car, you need a car. Hey, I’ve got that brand new Lincoln in the driveway, keys on the table right there. Mister, hey mister. Silence, creepy. He turned to look at me, mister don’t show me your face, don’t I don’t need to know who you are… Shut – Up! YYYYes sir. I looked at his eye, oh my gosh, he only has one eye. Where the other eye was now there is an ashen layer of skin grown over it. The other eye, his only good or working eye wasn’t in the the front of his face like a normal eye and it wasn’t in the center like some cyclops or something. No, strangely enough it was on the side of his face, the left side. Kind of like a fish,their eyes are on the sides of their faces. Gross man.one eye

Aw man, now his eye is moving around and, holy, it’s sticking out. It’s coming straight out of his head like on a twisty, bending straw. It’s coming right up to m-my face. Hey mister, I-I-I..Shut Up!

Ahhh don’t, please. The eye had placed itself against his cheek and changed, first blinking closed then opening into a slit and a mouth like shape, blinked again, opened with small sharp teeth gleaming like silver but a dull silver and no doubt about them being sharp. Crunch. Aghhh.

Misher, Misher,please, Crunch. Agh. He, that thing was biting, cutting, no crushing John’s whole side of his face. No chewing just,Aghhh, The sharp teeth took another bite and with this it gripped John’s left eye lterally cutting it out of the socket with it’s teeth.

John watched in horror with his right good eye but more felt his left eye scored then sucked out and swallowed whole by,… Meshr ples.

ugly guy



Then it fixed on John’s nose and in an instant,… Crunch,…Aghhhh. Meshr, Pl,.. Schrunch, lips, teeth, John’s mouth was gone and although John was most assuredly screaming he wasn’t about to be heard as there was no mouth, no vocal chords, no throat and now it focused on John’s eye with a degree of pleasure somehow emanating from it’s being and went into John’s eye.brain wave

While the last moments of conscious thought John would have in this life was the horrific idea that this thing was going to suck his brain out.


And that’s just what it did. Sluurrp!


~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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