In the dark it looked like a really big claw…

Not a giant one yet not a little one either. Just a really big claw. It seemed to be hanging off the right bed post at the foot of the bed. Hey-did I just see it move! It’s still now. I could swear it moved. But I wouldn’t swear cause mom would kick my butt. She wouldn’t care very much for the butt part either. Hey, get it, butt part.       A double entandre or what ever. There it goes again. claw-hand-0Don’t see any claws actually, just a big oversized palm, four fingers and that huge thumb. But no claws. Maybe they come out when that, that thing is ready to attack or something. Yeah, like maybe the claws extend from the ends of the fingers when it’s ready to strike. Like poison extenders. Sure, that’s how it does it. Never seen anything like it before. I hate claws. I hate the claws on Josie, our stupid cat. Had the claws on Barfo our stupid dog who got his name from barfing up his food all he time since he was a puppy. Especially hate the claws on those dumb mice that Sue Ann my equally dumb sister, has in that cage in her room. They are always trying to bite me and claw me. Probably out of frustration from going round and round again on that wheel thing they love so much. When they claw you, you can tell they mean business, like bad business. Like they hate you right back, or I should say me cause Sue Ann nor any one else seems to have a problem with them. I don’t know, maybe it’s just my imagination but, hey, did that thing move again. Dark_Room

Sure it did. I could swear but I won’t, that it was on the bed post and now it’s on the mattress, halfway up to me! Wow Jimmy, get a grip!

~ by Vinnie on May 30, 2009.

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