A Little Girl's Bridge

A Little Girl's Bridge

Maddie , only five then and still very much just a little girl, once again found she was distancing herself from the call of her mother and her warnings.  Maddie, don’t go near the bridge  and please be careful. Careful she was, obedient she was not. Especially not when it came to exploring the old bridge downstream. Oh the bridge itself was safe enough being a well built solid structure. It was the churning waters below it that made the site of the bridge a definite hazard to be avoided for young and old alike.  The old fashion water wheel still turning, no longer a power source for generating electricity. No practical use whatsoever. But a source it remained none the less. In this case a source for disaster.  Maddie, please be careful – the bridge … honey.

~ by Vinnie on April 16, 2009.

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