The Trogolodyte Song

Trogolodyte, Trogolodyte where do you roam?  Trogolodyte, Trogolodyte far, far from home.

 Trogolodyte, Trogolodyte high in the sky. Trogolodyte, Trogolodyte my, my oh my.

We love you Trog, oh yes we do. We love you Trogolodyte, thru and thru. Oh Trog, it’s true. Oh Trogolodyte we love you.

I’ve got a Trog. You’ve got a Trog. Everybody’s gotta have a Trog. But there’s just one good ole’ Trog for me… good ole’ Andy’s Trog.

Written By:  Mr.  A. Short Trog  

                             Bereaved widower of 

                              Mrs. Long Gone Trog

~ by Vinnie on April 1, 2009.

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