Me and George

Well George, I couldn’t say for sure but, I really don’t think that we are real.

Real Time

Real Time

 I know, I know. It sounds absurd but look at all the things that keep happening George. I mean the evidence just keeps on piling up. Your’e right, you’re right. It dosen’t make any sense. No sense at all in fact, but I can’t help but look at the evidence. Just look at the evidence George. First we had the Whipple family’s kid  came snooping around. Said he heard some kind of animal or something making weird noises. Then, as if that ain’t bad enought, the little vermin goes and spots Leo, George. He sees Leo taking a dump for cryin out loud! So you tell me George, what am I supposed to do huh George?  You ought to know me well enough by now George to believe me when I say that I always have been one of the biggest supporters of the unbelief theory as anyone else. More, in fact! But now George, now… I can still hear Mrs. Sattchel cackel when she heard fat old Bernard roaming around in her vegetable garden the other night. Then that young school teacher, what’s her name Annabelle? Sounds like some old bell ringer like Quasimodo or something. There she was eating soup out on her porch rocker and she steps on Smilely Riley. Steps right on his head for goodness sakes! She jumps up screaming her head off,”we are being invaded by space creatures, strange space creatures. HELP ! “. My word, it’s enough to make anybody, them or us to start thinking of the possibility George. George, are you listening or what! Well you better not be asleep cause we have got to deal with this issue once and for all and find out dog gonnit…are we real or, or, or just a pigment I mean a figment of our own imaginations. Wow. It’s hard to believe George. George! 

~ by Vinnie on March 26, 2009.

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