Benny Benjamin and The Big, Big Bunny

The Big, Big Bunny was hungry you see, he went to the garden of Mr. Benjaman who was known as Benny. In the garden there was so very much to eat, carrots and lettuces sweet and sapporite.  A friend of Mr. Benjamin the Big, Big Bunny was not,  so that night  Benny Benjamin was guarding his lot. When he saw the Big, Big Bunny and took his first shot. Ole’ Benny not the Bunny took off in flight, running like crazy he went off to fight. But for the Big, Big Bunny to fight was not in mind, so he searched and searched for a place that he might find. The Bunny he sought to get out of this bind,  suddenly on this golf course he found the hole in nine. A hole made for hiding by another bunny of his kind. So it was that Benny Benjamin gave up the search for him, and the Big, Big Bunny promised never more to sin.    

The End – of the Tail    ( Hee – Ho – Ha Ha Ha! )


~ by Vinnie on March 23, 2009.

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