Piece of Mind – the gooey stuff

Aw man, that is so gooey. Yeah, yeah, I know. Just give me a hand here and get the last little bit of that stuff over there. Yuch. You know I didn’t sign up for this. You didn’t sign up for nutthin you dumbbell. Remember, he made you an “offer you couldn’t refuse”.  That’s why your here. Capesce? Yeah, capesce. You know, if I had any brains at all, I would… You would what? You would just do your job and keep your mouth shut just like you been told to do and you been doin. Here, take a look at this guy here. Take a good hard look at all this  gooey stuff here. What is that? Brains. What, I can’t hear you. A little louder please. It’s brains, OK. Spilt brains from a split head. But just because I split him and spilt them don’t mean I like feel special or somethin and want to go out and celebrate or somethin. I mean, I hate this crap, and I’ll tell you somethin else that ain’t right. It ain’t right when you send  one of us, you know , one of his special A team guys to go out and whack his own damn brother-in-law. I’m tellin you it ain’t… Bam!    Bam, Bam!  No your right Johnny, it ain’t right, but that’s what we were told to do and that is right. That is, if you don’t want somebody complainin about picking up YOUR gooey stuff. Hey Joey, get this gooey stuff outta here!   

~ by Vinnie on March 21, 2009.

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