High Wire Lady

Have to be careful this time. You know, with John gone and everything it’s just too easy to slip out of line. Got it now. The feel is coming back. Sure wish I knew just how many sliding steps there are to cross this darn thing. It seems like a 100 yards, no, more like 300 hundred yards or a mile even. Man, why did John have to go and do that. He would  have known how many steps across. He would have known the steps, the grips the crosses the twists. You name it damn it and John would have known it. But, hey, what good does that do me now. As a matter of fact, if I don’t get my act together, huh, my act. get it. Yeah, I get it. So get on with it. Okay, half way there now. I can see people below some actually holding their collective breaths. They think I might fall. They might want me to fall. They wanted John to fall. Hope they are happy now. Should be happy as it was quite a sight. Yes, quite a sight. Getting closer now. Man it sure is hot up here. Heat rises to the top. Yeah, and there is a lot of hot air from all those blowhards down there. Sure makes your hands sweaty. How did I ever get into this racket any way. John. It always comes back to John. What a jerk Why did I ever listen to that guy. Boy, I sure do miss him. John. Yeah, he is gone. 

~ by Vinnie on March 16, 2009.

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