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Then He took my hand and walked me about,

it was beautiful to see,

the lighted stairway, the scampering brush and the very tall trees.

For a moment I… I wasn’t sure of… just where I had been or where I was going.

Looking back I could see the rest of them, the men who had been with me.

I wondered what happened, what could have separated them from me.

The noise, the bloodshed, the battle debris, all left behind me now

No longer there for me to see.

I decided to walk a bit further with Him

Just to see what could be;

What could possibly be up ahead,

around the bending road,

what could there be for me to see.

“Do not look behind anymore,” He said,

“Look ahead, up the road and see where you will be.”

So I did, I looked ahead and saw the lights, warm glowing streets and high pastures of green were there.

Towering trees of plenty marked with tender touches of Holiness and more

And suddenly I knew, I knew instinctively what lay ahead,

All fear and the coldness of dread,

Departed my being as I grasped His hand and looked ahead,

I looked straight ahead.

The beauty of it all is what remained and so,

I saw and wept no longer,

I saw up ahead, the Glory waiting for me

This Glory was for me.

It Is Time

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And the Spirit of the Lord came upon me 

The tears He wept for you and for me

Washed away the pain that was in my bones 

Washed away the stains that found a home

Deep within my heart and mind

Came The WORD of The LORD 

Come with me today my son for now

For now it is time

It is time, it is time

For now, it is time


Standing Tall

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Standing Tall I’ve seen the highest mountains

the world over and evermore

The tallest structures built by man

to touch the sky from where I still stand

Men, women and children longing to see

God Almighty wherever He may be

Wherever He may be you say

Just who is this you seek today?

Why it’s God Almighty

Standing Tall for all to see

Standing Tall He will always be

Standing Tall for you and me

Yes He is …

Standing Tall for you and me

I Saw The Colors

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I Saw The Colors

Red and green, yellow and blue

The sound they left had me

Thinking of you

The times in the fields where we played

Together, like an orchestra all in one

Each a different hue

This rendered me helpless

In a great new way

Helpless to speak, left to cry

To cry alone that day

Please say you love me and

That you will never go away

So that your colors of laughter

And love stay with me today

Fields of Glory

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So beautiful the wordless entries in my mind.

Melodies spoken, recorded indeed

From the very beginning of time.

Looking out from the mountain tops

His Glory Divine

Worship The King for you and for mine.

Struggles below seeking comfort and joy

Efforts put forth to manhood from boy.

Seek ye now the Kingdom of God

Run along now old soldier

Run from the fields, fields of blood

Where you had trod.

Leaving no sign of the ghosts that are past

Seeking the solicitude, now and forever

The end of fighting at last.

Glory Glory Hallelujah you cry

The suffering has ended

It’s done where you lie.

Lift up your head oh creatures large and small

To welcome The King, yes The King

The King of us all.

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