Then He took my hand and walked me about,

it was beautiful to see,

the lighted stairway, the scampering brush and the very tall trees.

For a moment I… I wasn’t sure of… just where I had been or where I was going.

Looking back I could see the rest of them, the men who had been with me.

I wondered what happened, what could have separated them from me.

The noise, the bloodshed, the battle debris, all left behind me now

No longer there for me to see.

I decided to walk a bit further with Him

Just to see what could be;

What could possibly be up ahead,

around the bending road,

what could there be for me to see.

“Do not look behind anymore,” He said,

“Look ahead, up the road and see where you will be.”

So I did, I looked ahead and saw the lights, warm glowing streets and high pastures of green were there.

Towering trees of plenty marked with tender touches of Holiness and more

And suddenly I knew, I knew instinctively what lay ahead,

All fear and the coldness of dread,

Departed my being as I grasped His hand and looked ahead,

I looked straight ahead.

The beauty of it all is what remained and so,

I saw and wept no longer,

I saw up ahead, the Glory waiting for me

This Glory was for me.

~ by Vinnie on December 30, 2018.

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